Live2D Comms

I don't do any type of art for the model, my work is purely Live2D rigging.Commissions are open every 1 to 2 months, but depending on my situation could take further to open. The forms for submitting the commission is RIGHT HERE!Once i open them i will be filling the slots for the next week. After sending the forms, please wait for me to contact you via twitter DMs (or your other preferred way of contact) once i have decided to proceed with your commission request. This can take up to 10 days from the opening of commissions.
Do not message or email me asking about why is it taking long or why you were not contacted.
After the slot is confirmed to you, i will only start when the batch time period mentioned on twitter starts. Your commission will be placed in any position among the other ones i have for the batch and can only be rushed by ordering it with a rush fee (see below). Once we start (NOT after the slot is decided), it takes around 14 days to finish, but it can go further.Here are the three different types of rigging commissions:

FeatureTier 1 (Head)Tier 2 (Half-body)Tier 3 (Full-body)
Head anglesYesYesYes
Eye movement and blinkingYesYesYes
Mouth FormsYesYesYes
Body movement rotation XNoYesYes
Body movement rotation ZNoYesYes
Body movement Y (leg bend)NoNoYes
Arms movement physicsNoNoYes
Body BounceNoNoPossibly
Amount of physics on the model:Only for head partsHead and body X/Z parts (Except arms)Entire body physics
TierBase price
Tier 1 (Head)800-1000$ USD
Tier 2 (Half-body)900-1300$ USD
Tier 3 (Full-body)1000-1600$ USD
Chibi25% OFF any price above

Prices will vary a lot depending on design! The pricing above and below covers 95% of commissions but it is possible be higher if it's something too out of the ordinary.Half-bodies are strictly waist-up and any element below that will be very lightly rigged just so it is still connected to the upper rigging. Parts below the waist are not part of the half-body commission and will not be on consideration for the overall quality of the rigging.Chibi can be head, half or fullbody, and I will do all the math considering the normal prices above, then reduce the total by 25%.


Extra features can be included but will be charged additionally for each extra up to any quantity.

  • Increase head x turn angle: 200$ USD

  • Simple expression toggle (expressions that only uses brow, eye and mouth forms, no external parts): 25$ USD

  • Advanced expression toggle (expressions that uses external parts e.g. a shadow layer for a gloomy expression, hearts and a heart pupil, etc): 50-75$ USD (Price varies with complexity)

  • Simple animation toggle (animations with set playtime, starting point to finish point): 80-180$ USD (Price varies with complexity)

  • Idle (auto-loop) animation toggle (animations without set playtime, that once toggled on will keep looping until turned off): 120-250$ USD (Price varies with complexity)

  • Body leaning foward/backwards: 250$ USD

  • *Extra clothing parts/toggle *(can either replace the default one when toggled or can be taken on or off on top of the default one, like a jacket): 150-350$ USD (Price varies with complexity)

  • Extra hair parts/toggle (can either replace the default one when toggled or can be taken on or off on top of the default one, like extra twintails): 200-350$ USD (Price varies with number of parts and complexity)

  • Body pose toggle (other hand positions, leg position, etc, that will replace the default one when toggled on): 100-300$ USD (Price varies with complexity)

  • Other type of toggle (anything else you want to turn on or off on the model): *Variable price

  • Mouth X (mouth horizontal movement side to side, iOS only): 50$ USD

  • Tongue out (iOS only): 150$ USD

  • VBridger (mouth): 250$ USD

  • VBridger (face realism): 100$ USD

(Any other extra informed on the forms will have a variable price decided by me once i take a look at it)

Rush fee

A rush fee will make you able to decide the timeframe you want for your commission to be. Depending of the timeframe this fee can go from 30% up to 50% increase on the value. Any extras you ask during the rigging process will be also increased with the same percentage.

Terms of service


  • Every payment must be maybe through Paypal.

  • In order to get your slot on the commission queue, some sort of payment (even if partial) must be made first. Otherwise, I am allowed to put other people infront of you that have made a payment first. That does not mean that the commissions are first come first served, however. The positions are all arbitrarily decided by me once I close the commissions, but you won't be on the equation until some payment has been made.

  • Prices listed on this site are always subjective to change, but this will not affect any already confirmed and partially paid commission.

  • Once the payment is made there should be no refunds unless I am unable to proceed with the commission. You won't be left without your rigging, and you will always have rights for revisions, but the slot position on the queue is taken with extreme seriousness.

  • After finishing the work, I will only be sending the model files after payment has been fully made.


  • Unless I have accepted the work as a rush commission with the rush fee included, I won't work around any deadline. Under that circumstances, the timeframe for delievering the work is entirely mine to decide.

  • WIPs will come during the rigging process, but i will be sending them only under my judgement of when they are ready to be seen.

  • Unless for very special circumstances, such as me not being able to work with you again in a very long time, I will not provide the rigging project file for editing the rigging. The decision to provide it or not will be always under my judgement.

  • Any additions to the rigging requested by the commissioner after the rigging slot has been settled (any not included on the original commission agreement) can be possibly rescheduled to fit my schedule.

  • Two revisions after the model is sent are allowed per commission (Meaning you will receive a maximum of 3 files, OG, v1, v2). Any other revision, unless it's very minor (under my judgement), will be subjected for a fee. If the model is delivered with any aspect of it broken and unusable, such as missing parts, floating parts, glitching movement and so on, such fixes are not considered a revision and are free of limitations.

  • For any rush commission (in which there was a fee on the total price) the work will be delivered in the deadline set by the client. However, the timeframe includes only the first version (unless there is something fundamentally broken with the model). Any requests that are purely based on personal preference will be adjusted without the same set deadline in mind.

  • While I can ask for the client for additional time on the deadline of rush commissions with the intentions of ensuring the quality and detail of the model, if the client does not agree to that and I somehow miss the deadline for sending a working model, I will be refunding the extra fee price that the client paid.

  • I take most of my clients again with new commissions and try to give them some priority. However, I will not put anyone ahead of another client's slot on the queue, and I can't ever guarantee a recurring client for a commission on a timeframe that they want if that would clash with my own schedule. I also always have the right to refuse any project.

Usage and credits

  • Clients are not allowed to share any of the files with third parties without my permission.

  • Clients are not allowed to use any part of the rigging for non fungible tokens, nor for any other form of profit from it with the exception of streaming/content creation profits. Any other case should be under my permission.

  • I require credits on your streaming platform of choice. If it's a base model instead of a costume or chibi work, I require it to also be on a easy to see place, such as twitter bio and the About page of Twitch/Youtube channel.

  • Once the work is finished and our agreement for the date of disclosure of the work with the public (in form of either WIPs or showcases) is met, I will be posting on my own profile a video showcasing the work to my followers on twitter, and I require that the client interacts with the video in the form of a retweet and liking it. The client is also allowed to post their own showcase if they so feel like it, but that will not change my own in any way.


This page needs reforming, please refer to my twitter account for examples in the meantime.



You can DM me anytime via twitter for questions but keep the commission itself on the form i linked above. You can also email [email protected] for questions if you prefer.